Interactive Digital Signage

Bring your static advertising alive with interactive digital signs

43 inch double-sided hanging window display

43 inch double-sided hanging window display

32 inch touchscreen kiosk

49 inch touchscreen digital totem

55 inch touchscreen digital totem

digital projection mapping display

traditional wall-mounted digital screen

ranging from 10.2 inch to 102 inch

HD digital projector 4500 lumens

printed paper A1 poster

What is digital signage?

There are so many different forms of digital signs. These range from simple wall mounted screens in a customer or patient waiting area to a complex multi-screen video wall in a company head office reception area.

They all have one thing in common, they all relay information to your customers or patients and enhance the visitor experience.

Visit our showroom

Our showroom is open to demonstrate selection from our range of displays and interactive systems.

What is interactive digital signage?

Interactive digital displays bring the visitor experience alive. With special sensors and touch displays, you can now engage with your customers in interesting and exciting ways. A customer can pick up a product and the display can tell them all about it or you can have a display simply say hello when it detects someone approaching. Click here to see some examples from our partners at Nexmosphere.

Digital Menus

Digital A-boards

Most popular solution

The Digital Totem is the most popular digital marketing solution and we have designed our core packages around this. All our Digital Totems’ have a built-in player that is connected to our digital content management platform over the internet.

How can we help you?

Are looking for a complete end to end service from design, installation and content management?


Our design team will sit down with each client to discuss what they want to achieve. The team will then design a tailored solution for your needs.


Our development team is constantly looking at new technologies and concepts to keep our services up to date and maximising your return on your investment.

Content Management

Our team will manage the content of your digital solution saving you the headache of keeping things current. Our team can also wotk with your suppliers to keep imagery relavent.

Social Media

Our digital marketing team can also offer an additional service to keep your instore marketing and online marketing work together to maximise your investment.

Help & Support

Our support packages wary depending on the package you choose. Our top tier includes online support 7 days a week with a 24 hours response time.


From the original meeting, design, coding and delivery, we look after all the steps for you.

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