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Here you can find information about the terms we use and more detail about the packages we offer.

Digital Services, Packages and Addons

What is a Campaign?

A campaign is a collection of elements or items arranged in an order to play out like an automatic slide show. Each Campaign should have an objective. If you have additional campaigns, it is recommended to have each one designed for a particular function, for example, you can have a collection of elements designed to promote your business when you are closed and another campaign designed for when you are open.

Items or elements.

An item or element can be any of the following;

We take care of all the licencing issues associated with using any of the items or elements. Some suppliers provide images and videos for you to use as an element in a campaign but they don’t always fit the dimensions or they are not in the correct format to be used. Our technical team will try and convert them to fit the needs of your campaign.


There are times of the day when it would be more advantageous to show different messages on the screen.

A good example of this is a retail business on the high street may have a campaign running during high footfall times of the day such as before 9.00am, lunch-time or after 5.00pm. During other times, a different message or campaign can be played.

Food businesses may run a breakfast message, a lunchtime message and an evening takeaway message. All three campaigns can be programmed to automatically change at set times of the day.

Out-of-hours power saving is included in all packages.

Digital packages that include two or more campaigns include scheduling.

Tailored Digital Content Packages

For 90% of our customers, the packages offer the best solution and savings. There are some customers that need a tailored solution. Our team are happy to discuss your individual needs.

Extra campaigns can be added to any package.

Additional items or elements can also be added to a campaign

Additional Services

We offer a number of additional services to support the content of your digital packages. There are occasions when a video is needed to highlight services your business provides or you want toa new website that works with your digital marketing plan.

Web Design

Make your digital marketing more effective with dedicated landing pages to support your onscreen campaigns. Web pages are elements that can be included in a campaign. If you do not have a website or looking to update your existing site, we can provide web design and hosting options for you.

Our screens are touch-sensitive and interactive content for a campaign is often better suited to a web page design. An appointment booking is a great example of this.

Video Production

Our video production team can plan, shoot and edit projects to fit your digital campaigns. We can also produce promotional videos for your website.

360 Virtual Tours

Our 360 service can produce virtual tours, 360 photos, and videos for your website or in-store interactive screen.

Example of a 360 image.

Left-click on the image and drag it around to see more of the room. If you have a scroll wheel on your mouse, you can zoom in and out.

Social Media Content and Delivery

We work closely with a social media partner to create content for business social media feeds that can be generic to an industry or bespoke to the individual business. It is important to have a fully integrated solution with consistency across websites, digital messaging and social media feeds.

Our social media partner for Opticians is The below feed is from their facebook page.

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