Digital Window Displays

Our latest digital sign solution for your window

A digital window display replaces the traditional poster and brings your window to life. Add digital scheduling and you can update the window display at different times of the day to promote different products, offers or services.

Window hanging digital displays

We have several options for windows. They range from a 43inch single-sided window hanging display to a 55inch double-sided display.

This screen is a 43inch double-sided version. The front is showing a dynamic image that has live updates showing the opening hours for this business.

The back screen is running ambient lighting in this example.

The back or inside screen can show any content you like such as video loops, welcome messages or promotions.

Why have a poster hanging in your window when you can have a digital screen?

Our double-sided digital window hanging displays are only 26mm thick. That’s two screens mounted on an 8mm thick toughened glass mount. The outward-facing screen is a bright 1000 nits and the inside-facing screen is 400 nits. This display has been designed for retail window displays.

You have the option to display different content on each side of the screen such as your opening hours on the outside and a welcome message on the inside.

Window hanging digital sign

Our standard screens come with a grey-coloured housing along the top part of the display but a white option is available as a special order.

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What options do we offer?

We have a number of options available. 

There are two sizes available. 43 inch and a 55 inch. The most popular is the 43 inch, similar in size to an A1 poster. The 55 inch is manufactured to order.

Double-sided and single-sided options are also available. The most popular is the double-sided which allows you the flexibility to show different messages on either side. The double-sided display is designed to have a bright 1000 nits display on the outside and a 400 nit on the inside where a more standard brightness is sufficient.

We also have high-brightness models available for those locations where the sun is strong most of the year and requires extra power. These screens are 2500 nit on the outside and both double-sided and single-sided options are available. The design of the display is thicker due to the increased cooling requirements.

This is an example of the high brightness window display which we refer to as the European model.

These are not normally required in the UK and are manufactured to order.

The electronics are housed in a separate section above the screen. In the picture, it is the light grey box with the holes above the main screen.

High brightness widow display
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