Ceiling Hanging Window Display

Window hanging display screens.

From: £64.00 / month

Ceiling hanging window display screens are available in 43 and 55 inch.

The screens are mounted on a toughened glass sheet suspended from the ceiling on 2 wires.

The screens are available single-sided and double-sided. The outward-facing panel is a bright 1000nits and the inward-facing (if double-sided is selected) is 400nits.

All the control boards are mounted inside the top of the screen (the grey area at the top of the image shown). This section of the display can also be covered in a printed card with your branding to hide the grey control box. The display includes wi-fi built-in and can also be connected with an ethernet cable if your signal is not very reliable.

We recommend having a good wifi signal and internet connection. If the signal is poor, a wired connection is highly commended and more reliable.

We can provide a 4G internet connection or a wifi access point with a stronger signal for an additional charge. See our accessories page for more details.

With the double-sided screen, you have the opportunity to display different content, such as your opening hours facing out and product information on the inward-facing screen.

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